Bocchi Baveno Hide-Away Kitchen Sink System

March 10, 2023

Bocchi has introduced the Baveno Hide-Away Kitchen Sink System, which allows users to easily change between sink and uninterrupted counter space with its innovative design and telescopic faucets, maximizing workspace. Homeowners can customize their sink area to be as functional and stylish as they want by utilizing sink covers, multiple faucet options, cutting board, colanders and roller mats. 

The Baveno Sink system is a solution for small spaces where counter areas are in high demand, and it is available in Bocchi’s nine fireclay and three granite options. The durable fireclay sinks can handle beyond 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and granite sinks can handle up to 535 degrees. The sinks are easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant, and require less water to clean than conventional sinks due to the Bocchi Clean+ Technology, which also minimizes lime-scale buildup, bacteria and dirt.