Showplace Cabinetry New Textures

December 21, 2022

Showplace Cabinetry continues its commitment to innovation and style by introducing new textures for all seasons. Urban adds a light, contemporary tone for the cool season, and Pelee Island Pear and Metro are warmer colors that are both modern and complimentary. Roja offers a neutral, earth-inspired tone that is extremely popular. All four textures are new to Showplace’s diverse line of offerings.

Urban is an on-trend lighter choice with a delicate blend of white and gray and an open and airy presence. It has been popular as both a stand-alone statement or a complement to other woodgrain and solid features.

With Pelee Island Pear (pictured), Showplace offers naturalness and warmth in a cozy, blond hue that counterbalances the gray trends of years past.

Metro features a warm brown with subtle red highlights. A blending of Scandinavian and Japanese trends creates this unique and highly sought out design.

Roja is a playful neutral tone with hints of light clay and pink, excellent in bathrooms or as an accent to bring your design to life.