Sub-Zero Classic Series

October 6, 2022

The completely reimagined Sub-Zero Classic Series offers timeless design and fresh features. Refined inside and out, the Classic Series is available in signature stainless steel or panel-ready options, and a variety of configurations and widths. Equipped with a suite of innovative features, Sub-Zero Classic Series Refrigeration keeps food fresher longer, while offering convenience and unmatched, iconic style.

Key features of the appliances include:

• The Split Climate intelligent cooling system keeps food fresher for even longer
• ClearSight LED lighting fully illuminates the interior and reduces shadows while Night Mode reduces interior brightness based on detected ambient light
• Sleek stainless accents trim the interior and nano-coated glass helps contain spills for easy clean up
• Independent cooling systems between the refrigerator and freezer preserve refrigerated foods with cool, moist air and frozen foods with frigid, dry air
• Fights food spoilage with an easily accessible NASA-inspired air purification system that scrubs the air of odors and ethylene gas every 20 minutes
• Touch control panel is conveniently located for easy access with the tap of a finger
• Adjustable door shelves and a flip-up dairy compartment accommodate assorted items of varying heights for convenient storage
• Wi-Fi enabled features provide remote access all from your mobile devices