Gaggenau Warming Drawers

September 9, 2022

With a tradition of working closely with renowned chefs to bring the precision of the professional kitchen to the domestic space, Gaggenau has launched the upgraded 200 and 400 series culinary warming drawers. These expertly crafted and meticulously engineered appliances offer the home chef all the functionality a professional would expect, opening up a world of convenience when entertaining.

Warming drawers have always been popular with chefs involved with large-scale gatherings. The reason is simple — keeping culinary delights ready to eat and plates, servers and cups warm means everyone can stay calm during preparation and dinner. Now, Gaggenau is introducing home chefs to the multipurpose benefits of a culinary warming drawer. However, the sophisticated 200 and 400 series models can do so much more than warming.

Multifunctional Models

Both models have finely tuned temperature controls that can be adjusted in 10-degree Celcius increments, adding functionality to an already versatile appliance. Bakers can use their drawer to prove dough in ideal conditions, for example, while home chefs who like to plan ahead can use theirs to slow cook casserole or ragu to delicious perfection. Equally, for those in need of a late-night supper, drawers can be used to heat leftovers.

Precision Controls

Each culinary warming drawer is controlled via a sleek touch panel revealed when the drawer opens. Its design means you can set the temperature yourself or choose from four preinstalled programs with pre-set temperatures — slow cooking, food warming, heating of cups and heating of plates.

Smart Capabilities

Gaggenau has channeled its technical expertise into ensuring the culinary warming drawers slot perfectly into a smart kitchen. For example, via the Home Connect app, you can do practical tasks such as setting a timer to end a program or add a favorite setting to the drawer’s control panel. The app also offers access to additional programs and exclusive recipes so you can unlock even more of the drawers’ culinary capabilities.

Perfectly Placed

Exceptionally crafted, the warming drawers are designed to complete the Gaggenau kitchen. They can either be placed under an oven, combi-steam oven or microwave, or combined in a bank of appliances with two drawers for the ultimate in flexibility. Equally, they can be installed separately, so they are placed exactly where you need them. For example, the 140mm drawer is compact enough to slot under a worktop so you might install one in an island close to where you serve. Alternatively, a drawer adjacent to the coffee machine will ensure warmed cups are always conveniently to hand.

Sleek Design

The drawers are available in a choice of finishes designed to sit alongside other Gaggenau appliances. In addition, they can be clad in kitchen furniture fascias to integrate seamlessly with the cabinetry.