Hizone Expo Wine and Top Wine

August 29, 2022

Hizone Expo Wine and Top Wine professional wine coolers comprise a uniform, modular system of professional blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets born from the encounter between the vision of Antonio Citterio, one of the most iconic masters of Italian design, and the technical expertise of the Umbrian company ISA SpA. 

WithExpo Wine and Top Wine, it is possible to display and conserve wines at the right temperature (from +4 to +18 degrees Celsius) guaranteeing the right level of humidity and providing specific refrigeration for different types of wine. Expo Wine in the two-compartment configuration allows the setting of temperatures dedicated to the different types of wine. Complete control over temperature, light, vibration and humidity allows any type of bottle to be displayed and preserved at its best.

Expo Whine and Top Wine can be configured with RGB lights (optional) choosing the color which best matches with the location. The low-emission glass chamber with anti-UV filter preserves wine from external light that could damage wine. Specific display drawers offer space for different wines — still and sparkling. Slow-motion sliding guides facilitate the opening and closing of the shelves, and optional, flat or high-view display trays are able to guarantee optimum visibility of the displayed product.

Hizone is something new — the synthesis of the most advanced refrigeration technology and the impeccable aesthetics of a furnishing collection, a concept meant to transform not only the professional kitchen but also domestic spaces. From multifunction blast chillers to storage chillers and freezers. Hizone provides a complete range of refrigerated and non-refrigerated cabinets and tables to suit the needs of ice cream, pastry and catering professionals. Hizone is the result of simplicity, functionality and distinctive styling. The range provides for the organization of various functions in both upright cabinets and low-level counters situated side by side. This innovative, simple, yet functional design, guarantees a perfect alignment, allowing for future integration and new layouts.

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