Fulgor Milano Column Refrigeration

July 11, 2022

New for 2022, Fulgor Milano has introduced additions to its column refrigeration category. All column refrigeration units will be available in stainless steel or panel-ready configurations with optional handle kits to match the Sofia Professional or Distinto collections. 

Fulgor Milano’s premium refrigerator and freezer columns are meticulously handcrafted in Italy with the utmost attention to detail. The luxurious interior is illuminated with elegant LED lighting for optimal visibility and features bead-blasted, stainless-steel crispers with metal drawer glides and shelf supports. The new touch-control interface offers precise temperature control, extending the preservation of food. Each unit is outfitted with a lateral evaporator design that creates a unique side-to-side airflow maintaining a consistent temperature when accessing the unit. The commercial-style cooling system is powerful enough to effectively and quickly bring down temperatures even when many items are added to the refrigerator after a day of shopping.