Signature Kitchen Suite 48-Inch French Door Refrigerator

April 4, 2022

Signature Kitchen Suite, the fast-growing luxury brand known for driving innovation in the luxury kitchen appliance market, is expanding its award-winning refrigeration line with the first-of-its-kind 48-inch French door refrigerator.

“Incorporating all the sought-after innovative features of our award-winning 36-inch model, the new 48-inch French door refrigerator meets the food preservation demands of any high-end consumer while offering convertible drawer flexibility with a functional and sleek design,” said Randy Warner, vice president, Signature Kitchen Suite. “The debut of this model allows us to offer our Technicurean homeowner the flexibility to store and prepare foods in the best way possible – with a unique configuration that allows for even more design versatility.”

The new pinnacle for the natural progression in the market, the Signature Kitchen Suite 48-Inch French Door Refrigerator allows the design community to offer clients never-before seen capacity and functionality in the popular French Door configuration, making this product ideal for the replacement of aging 48-inch refrigerators. It offers innovative preservation features, sleek design and more:

  • Unmatched Versatility: Functional and innovative convertible drawer offers five preset temperatures ranging from 410 F to -60 F allows for precise food preservation across five temperature settings: chilled wine, fridge/deli, meats and seafood, beverage, or drop the temperature all the way down to make it a freezer.
  • Precise Preservation: Dual compressors and a metal interior help minimize temperature fluctuations in the refrigerator while individual freezer drawers allow for more space to keep your frozen foods perfectly chilled.
  • Purposeful Design: In addition to offering one of the most versatile and largest-width interiors in the industry, this model features Lift and Go drawers, fully adjustable door bins, and LED lighting that is hidden away and focused on the food, not shining in your eyes.
  • Dual Ice Maker with Craft Ice: Options for both frustum ice and the slow-melting, spherical Craft Ice elevate beverages of all kinds.
  • Signature Fit Integrated Design: Intelligent, versatile design allows for proud or flush installation, while the integrity of the kitchen’s design lines is protected on the outside thanks to the drawers lining up with standard countertop height. Units are available in stainless steel and panel-ready options.
  • ThinQ Care: Proactively contacting owners about potential service issues before they occur, this feature also offers useful maintenance tips to keep Signature Kitchen Suite appliances performing their best.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Users can easily manage and monitor preservation needs remotely via smart devices.
  • Eco Friendly: ENERGY STAR certified and the use of non-HFC, low-global-warming potential R600A mean that it saves energy to help combat climate change and is engineered to reduce environmental impact without sacrificing performance.
  • Convenience Features: Additional features include an internal filtered water dispenser, easy-to-read digital controls, adapative defrost and special modes including Ice Plus and Sabbath Mode.