Robam R-MAX Series Touchless Range Hood

February 18, 2022

International kitchen appliance brand Robam introduced the 30-in. R-MAX Series Touchless Range Hood at KBIS 2022. This hood features a slanted design and a large, panoramic smoke cavity to provide an unprecedented 105-degree opening angle for maximum coverage and suction. 

It has a touchless infrared panel that allows for hands-free operation with just a wave. Black, tempered glass aesthetic provides an evocative, reflective surface that stands out even when closed. The R-MAX series is powered by a state-of-the-art brushless, variable-frequency motor that drives a next-gen cyclone turbine. Three suction speeds, including a high-speed turbo function, handle fumes from high-heat dishes, stir fry and more. Powerful filtration keeps the interior wash-free (i.e. no disassembly is needed for clean-up) with a self-cleaning nanoscale, oil-free coated cavity. A stainless-steel mesh filter immediately separates 92% of grease from cooking fumes.