SMEG Iconic Refrigerator

December 7, 2021

Kitchen appliance manufacturer SMEG has launched a partnership with The Coca-Cola Company to offer two unique, specially designed refrigerators, one to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beverage brand’s iconic Hilltop television commercial, and the other with a classic Coca-Cola feel. 

In addition to the 1971 Unity Collection Refrigerator, SMEG and Coca-Cola have collaborated on the Iconic Refrigerator, complete with Coke’s signature color palette and SMEG’s classic retro design, seamlessly merging the two styles to pay homage to and bring 1950s Americana to life. Also modeled after SMEG’s retro FAB28 Refrigerator, the Iconic features Coca-Cola’s red and white coloring, along with the brand’s instantly recognizable branding, including the “Drink Coca-Cola” logo, with signature slogans decorating the outer fridge, such as “Ice Cold,” and “Have a Coke.” The new refrigerator is available at select retailers, including Williams Sonoma.