Reform Unit 

August 18, 2021

Reform has introduced a new design called Unit in collaboration with the next-gen Danish designers at Aspekt Office. Furthermore, in tandem with this launch, the brand has introduced an accessibly priced cabinetry range called Standard, replacing its Ikea solution service and signaling a bold move for the brand as it moves away from its ‘Ikea-hack’ roots.

For Reform’s latest design offering, the designers at Aspekt Office created a timeless kitchen design portraying an accommodating environment as our daily life patterns and processes continue to evolve and serve different purposes. Channeling the spirit of functionality and convenience growing out of the WFH era, Unit provides an appealing sense of lightness, resilient materials and dynamic kitchen/office space that caters to the changing needs of the contemporary home.

Within this accommodating environment, materials merge and come together while the textured paint provides depth, dimension and a tactile contrast between the elements. The die-cast aluminum handle takes center stage, merging with the kitchen front in matte surfaces, and the modern shelving system opens up the kitchen space, while connecting with the rest of the design in matching aluminum parts. With its appealing sense of lightness, resilient materials, and kitchen-cum-home office feel, Unit is a renewal of the Danish tradition, catering to the changing needs of the contemporary home.