Emily Morrow Home’s Truffle Color

May 24, 2021

Emily Morrow Home is announcing the 10th Milled Naturals COTY: “Truffle”. Truffle delights in being a color for a cause. When we emphasized that our color family Milled Naturals exude a sense of community and was rooted in one of the EMH mega-trends “Me to We”, we wanted to designate a 10th color that exists to help others, to shine a light on the Floor Covering Industry Foundation. This unique organization is working tirelessly to help fellow floor covering industry members in their time of need.  Truffle is the first and only COTY to have its very own product TRUFFLE and video to provide more information about the newest EMH hardwood style. 

Truffle is a hybrid hue representing a shift from the coolness of grey to the warm hues of the trending brown story. Note the hues of charcoal and notes of chocolate in this transition color.  This color duality is a sophistication that acts as a chameleon color… ripe for coordinated ease in any interior palette.  Just as Good Earth is a color-bound grounding agent as the dark rich brown of the color family, Truffle delights in being a color bridge in times of transition. The color itself was drawn in part from the Morrow Finkell family’s two truffle dogs, Donatella and Baci.