Elias Woodwork Mullions

July 14, 2020

Elias Woodwork has launched a revolutionary new line of mullion door options that offer a considerable cost savings to traditional mullion doors. Through market research and sales trends, we have identified six mullion styles that are preferred by designers and home owners. These mullion doors from Elias Woodwork will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen design, and what makes these special is the manufacturing process that offers a high-end look for a budget-conscious customer. 

Traditional mullion doors are made of solid curved parts resulting in the wood grain following the shape of the curve. They also feature profiled mullion bars, which are coped into the frame of the door. However, with our new mullion door options, each style is machined out of a single piece of HDF or solid wood, which results in the grain running in one direction. They are manufactured as a separate insert that is placed in a door frame of choice that you can then add your glass preference to. Screw on glass retainer clips will be provided if required. 

For the painted mullions, the inserts are machined from HDF and can be ordered painted or raw. The wood ones are machined from a solid wood laminated slab and can be ordered stained, lacquered or raw as well. As with all your components from Elias Woodwork, your mullion doors are ordered customized by your size, species and finish specifications. The possibilities are endless considering each of the six new mullion options can be inserted into any tenon or miter door frame to match the rest of your cabinet doors. These new mullion options can provide an opportunity to add that high-end touch to your designs for approximately half the cost of traditional mullion doors. See examples of these new mullion door options in our gallery!