Ted Cruz singled out by Colorado official accusing the GOP of letting election violence spread
Ted Cruz (Photo by Andrew Harnik for AGFP)

In an interview on MSNBC about election machine tampering and threats to election workers, Colorado Secretary of State Jenna Griswold singled out Sen, Ted Cruz (R-TX) for exacerbating the problem by remaining silent.

Speaking with host Ayman Mohyeldin, Griswold pointed out the challenges of conducting elections and noted that Republicans are making their jobs harder.

"You know, I've been living this reality," she admitted. " It's not just the election workers, the poll workers on the ground. It's also the secretaries of state who have been standing up against these attempts to steal elections for the American people."

"We cannot allow violence, predominantly against women or elected officials and people of color to be used to stop us from being in these seats to represent our communities," she told the host. "And when it comes to the violence against election workers, it is something that is real. At this point, two men have been found guilty of threatening my life, and I was moved to run a law to protect election workers in the state of Colorado because of that."

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"But, honestly, this political violence, the atmosphere of threats, will only stop if Republicans stand up to Donald Trump. People like Ted Cruz, people sitting in the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress, who have decided that they don't have a spine and that it's okay to threaten a grandma who's executing an election and providing the oversight that she should be doing."

Watch below or at the link.

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