Jack Smith sends Trump staffer target letter 'indicating that he might have perjured himself': ABC News
Jack Smith (Photpo by Jerry Lampen for AFP)

Special counsel Jack Smith recently sent a target letter to a staffer working for former President Donald Trump that indicated "he might have perjured himself" when talking to investigators this past May, reports ABC News.

According to the report, the letter "signals Smith's growing interest in the Trump Organization's handling of the surveillance footage and potential efforts to avoid sharing it with investigators."

ABC News reached out to the employee, whom it is not naming, and the employee only replied that "It's none of your business."

Trump has already been charged with counts of obstructing investigators' efforts to retrieve top-secret documents that had been requested via a government subpoena.

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The letter also indicates that more charges may be coming in the Mar-a-Lago documents probe, which so far has only brought charges against Trump and aide Walt Nauta.

Trump also faces potential prosecution from Smith's office over his attempts to illegally remain in power after losing the 2020 election to President Joe Biden.

The former president has denied any wrongdoing and has called any attempts to investigate his actions as a "witch hunt" by government officials.