'Trouble for Trump': Ex-prosecutor says codefendants' filings are a risk to former president
Fani Willis and Donald Trump / official portraits.
The three so-called “fake electors” indicted in the Georgia election conspiracy case could create legal problems for Donald Trump, a former federal prosecutor said Friday.
CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers’ appearance on the network’s “Anderson Cooper 360” followed reports from earlier in the day that Cathy Latham became the third “false elector” to seek their case moved to federal court, joining David Shafer and Shawn Still.

They are among 18 co-defendants along with the former president who were indicted last week on allegations that they tried to overturn Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

“There's this separate aspect to this, which is also interesting,” guest host John Berman said, “when they in a way are pointing the finger at Donald Trump saying he told me to do this, his people told me to do this.”

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“Could that impact the case specifically against Trump?” Berman asked.

“Well, it could at some point,” Rodgers said.

“At this point, they're just trying to get into federal court, but if they either plead out and cooperate with authorities, and prosecutors are certainly going to try to thin this herd right away and get some of these people out of the case. If they cooperate and testify against Donald Trump, presumably, this is what they're going to say, which will be very strong evidence against the former president and others.”

Rodgers added that their testimony could also hurt Trump if they remain co-defendants.

“The other way could come up is if they remain in the case and go to trial alongside the former president and testify in their own defense and say that they were acting at the direction of Donald Trump and therefore should be found not guilty,” Rodgers said.

“So, there are a couple of ways, if this is their evidentiary position, that could be a problem for Donald Trump down the road.”

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