The Trump campaign has 'done nothing but sucker his supporters': former GOP adviser
Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee for AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Saturday Show," former GOP campaign consultant and current Lincoln Project adviser Tara Setmayer marveled at how Donald Trump has been so successful at diverting cash contributed to pay for his re-election bid to pay his legal bills.

With host Jonathan Capehart noting that 10 percent of every dollar donated to the Trump campaign is being diverted to his PAC which is paying his lawyers as he is buried in indictments, Setmayer exclaimed, "Ding, ding ding. There it is, Jonathan — it's the grift that keeps on giving."

"Look, since the RNC is not paying for his legal bills anymore, they have to figure out a way to pay his legal bills and the Donald Trump campaign has done nothing but sucker his supporters," she continued. "The Lincoln Project put an ad out a few months ago called 'Sucker' that we update because it continues to happen and yet these people still gravitate towards him, because whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is a genius at communicating to these folks and making them believe he is their champion."

"I'll never understand how he's pulled that off completely but he has," she continued, "and people keep giving him their hard-earned money. This is what it's always been about for him and he never takes responsibility for his actions, he never pays for anything whether it is lawyers or anything else."

"He bragged about being the king of debt and people seem to think that's okay: 'yes, continue to fleece me,'" she elaborated. "It's like an abusive relationship. So, I just don't understand what it's going to take for these folks to eventually wake up and realize that Donald Trump has done nothing but sucker them."

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