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Managing the Client Experience

January 12, 2022

On this week’s From the Tap podcast, we talked with designer Rebecca Robinson of Monarch Lane Interiors about managing client expectations as part of the overall client experience, which can help with client retention and referrals for a successful business.

This is a topic that is more important than ever, as more homeowners are deciding to do renovations, and some of them have never been through the experience. With supply-chain and product procurement issues inundating our industry, clients may need a little more hand holding these days.

Robinson shared with us how she and her firm are in constant communication with their clients and the processes and tools they have developed to make this easier on everyone. These range from a video presentation at the beginning of the process to a full-blown kitchen project planner that walks clients through every step, which is especially helpful if they have little to no idea what is involved and what drives costs.

Monarch Lane Interiors also offers several services at every level, depending on the client goals for a specific project. Robinson said that the smaller packages sometimes lead to larger ones, but this is a way for clients to get their foot in the door and experience what it’s like to work with a designer.

The designer also developed a sort of emotional timeline for her clients so that they are prepared for the good times and the not-so-great ones. The software she and her firm use is basically a portal in which her clients can do everything from schedule meetings, access contracts and estimates and see how the timeline is progressing.

At the end of our conversation, Robinson shared some advice on how to navigate a situation where a designer is just not a good match for a potential client – and vice versa.

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